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Business Focus

Family Financial Planners, Inc. is focused on assisting retired and near retired individuals and their families in the areas of investment, tax, estate, and financial planning. We create planning solutions tailored to our client’s needs, goals and objectives with a continued commitment to serve and educate our clients to better cope with an ever changing, complex financial environment.

A retired, or nearing retirement, client’s economic health and well-being is impacted by seven primary factors during retirement. Each factor is sensitively linked; if the balance of these areas is mismanaged then the impending results may jeopardize the ability for a client to remain retired or prevent retirement by a desired target date. Therefore, what we seek to do is examine a client’s total financial situation to determine how any financial advice might impact the stability of these factors; and, while cognizant of our client’s retirement horizon, advise the client based on the scenario most likely to prevent such imbalances from occurring. Consequently, the complex investment alternatives available to the client are then reduced to those investment options best suited to maintain the desired balance. These seven primary factors are:

  • Income – Employment, investment income, windfall/inheritance, social security, and pension income.
  • Household Expenses – Housing, utilities, transportation, insurance, education, debt repayment, and other expenses including entertainment and travel.
  • Assets – Real estate, investments, liquid reserves, and other tangible and intangible property.
  • Liabilities – Traditional mortgage, reverse mortgage, credit card, automobile, and unsecured debt.
  • Taxes – Federal and/or state income taxes, intangible tax on investments, social security tax liability, and federal estate tax exposure.
  • Mortality – Understanding the client’s retirement horizon with the growing concern of out-living one’s resources.
  • Investment Risk – Exposure to investment risk that may jeopardize a client’s ability to retire and stay retired.

Therefore, the Company analyzes a client’s ability to stay retired as a function of life style needs and family emergencies interacting with the seven primary factors listed above and lastly coupled with a discipline to spend inside their financial means and invest defensively.